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Business Owner

With the SHIFTS apps, in fact, keeping track of attendance and routine activities of your workforce is feasible in a few easy steps with their specialty features mentioned and underlined as follows.

1. View and journal your workforce's attendance (Past and Present) – This module of our SHIFTS program will help you take a look at the attendance of your workforce both at the present time and even in the past time. In other words, you can even keep a detailed journal of their attendance during your tenure in the organization via this app's module. However, the bottom-line about the module is it specifically enables you to keep a journal of attendance based on previous particular date, particular month, or fixed number of days.

2. View total working hours of your employees – Again, the SHIFT'S module serves instrumental to you by keeping track of total working hours of an employee on a regular basis. The module also enables you to have a look at each and every detail of the working hours thoroughly. In the instance, an employee has taken Overtime; it will give you an accurate account of the number of extra working hours you have done in a day or nighttime.

3. View employee's GPS Location – Viewing employee's GPS location is all easy provided you and your employees have the SHIFTS installed and activated in their high-tech phones. This way, you can track and view their current and exact location. Their position will be refreshed after every 30 Seconds and yet the only downside of the app is you can see their location but cannot save it.

4. Define working hours for Employee - A business owner at his/her sole discretion can define and set the Shift and the timings for the employees, however, the Shift timing may conflict. He/she can assign shift timing and its duration according to the department the employees are associated with. Employees can view these changes in shift timings on their cell phones or PCs.

There is also a provision of overtime payment at the owner's or Admin's end for the employees particularly if they work beyond the set office working hours. To ensure this, a popup window will appear on the screen of the Admin's device or PC with a message written across it and asking them to give their preferences in Yes or No to ensure whether they are interested to make overtime rule or not. If they click on Yes that means they are interested to make the overtime rule. However, with said that, they will have to set the payment terms on hourly/ daily/ weekly/monthly basis depending on their preferences. Alternatively, clicking on No will naturally negate the proviso of overtime payment.

Employee Overview

Now keeping track of your employee's attendance is easier than you can think imaginably!  All you need to do is just place the time clock in your every employee's pocket and that's it.

This Employee's attendance module is totally easy to use and it offers multiple yet advantageous features to the fullest range. We are confident that your experience to use this module in term of keeping track of your employee's attendance will be very special for sure. Here is the lowdown about how the employee's attendance module by SHIFT can prove a lynchpin for you.


while you use Employee's attendance module by SHIFTS, you can mark their day-to-day attendance from start to finish of their tenure in your organization. Also, you have the facility to take a look at their past attendance if you want or a need turns up. What's more, you can even view total working hours in the past, this way you can be aware of their history of their working hours thoroughly, simple is that..