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Business Owner

Our Task and Tracking module is highly handy and sustainable for every business owner who typically assigns a variety of task to his/her employees and meanwhile is keen to track them so that he/she can be aware of what numbers and types of tasks they have assigned to their staff members. Mentioned below are the features of the module Tasks and Tracking explicitly for business owners:

1. View Task Assigned to Employees – Through Task and Tracking module by SHIFTS, a Business owner or a HOD (Head of Department) can create, assign and view tasks assigned to his subordinate employees respectively. Any assigned task will be visible on their Task Screen in listed form in Employee's calendar.

2. CRUD Task – CRUD is an abbreviation, which stands for Creation, Read, Updation and Deletion of a task. This feature is very helpful for a Business owner and/or HOD with regards to Creating, Reading, Updating, Deleting a task as well as changing the status of the task assigned to an employee.

3. Task Management - The Task Management is a module of the SHIFT'S application enabling a Business owner or Admin entity to manage the tasks given to the employees. With this in mind, these exclusive entities have the privilege to Create, Read, Update and Delete (or CRUD) a task depending on their preferences and needs. They can even change the status of task of an employee or reassign a task to other employee if conditions prevail or persist.

They can easily ensure to do what said above by assigning a monitor (it will be a HOD) to a task. This entity will be fundamentally responsible to keep an eye on the task assigned to an employee from start to finish and depending on the status he/she will put a tag against if it is under construction, pending, completed or undone etc. The admin entity can search the HOD and other employees by going through the list of employees of a department. Every time a task is assigned to an employee then from the date of the assignment to its cut-off date, the Admin and HOD entities will receive a push notification/SMS/Email at both the instances. Those interested to receive the task assignment notification via SMS; they will have to sign up the subscription. Last but not the least, through the chat message system enabled in the task management module, Admin entity or Business owner can attach files to share with the employees.

4. View Employee GPS location - For a Business owner, thanks to the SHIFT'S GPS location tracking module, tracking the exact location of your employee is feasible in a flash! To ensure the business owner will be able to track the exact location of the employees, it is a must for them to be logged into the app or website already. This module is designed to refresh the page after every 30 seconds to help the business owner get the exact location of the intended employees.
This module is again serviceable particularly in term of marking attendance of the employees. For example, when a user cum employee logs into the App from his/her cell phone, his/her exact location in the office will be automatically tracked and their attendance will be marked as present.

5. Through SHIFT'S position tracking tool, a Business owner can mark the attendance of every employee and track their exact location provided the tool is integrated on their cell phones and/or PCs. So when it involves an employee is seated at his/her seat in the workplace, SHIFT'S position cum location tracking tool is the answer. To ensure that all is feasible, after ever half an hour, a pop-up with a very simple question will appear on the display screen of the PCs of every employee, which they need to answer.

Alternatively, for those using cell phones with SHIFT'S apps integrated in them, a push notification will be displayed on their device's screen within the same period. The bottom-line about the module is that it records the time when the question was sent and the answer was received. This way the Business owner can track easily whether a specific employee is/was at the seat or not when the question is/was asked. Through this tool, these Admin entities can also track their exact location in the office. Business owner can skip this option depending on his/her preferences.

6. Based on the type of department an employee belongs to, a Business owner or an admin entity can set the time to view their current position. For example, for employees listed in Driving or other Mobile department, a 30-second refresh is the ideal time setting while 30 minutes time setting is just the ticket for sedentary employees.


As Tracking and Task module is useful for Business owners who assign task to their employees and even track it, it is virtually useful for employees in almost same reference. Below mentioned are the basic features of tracking and task module, particularly for employees:

1. View Task – Any task assigned to an employee, he/she can view the task on their cell phones as well as PC's. Moreover, they can put notes on a task window. This means, the module is versatile for every employee when it involves viewing the tasks assigned to them.

2. Change Task Status – Employees can change/edit the status of the task depending on the status of the task assigned to them. For example, if a task is 'under process', 'pending' or 'completed' successfully, they can go to the task window and make the changes according to its current status.