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We are proud to state that SHIFTS's online employee management app is thoroughly incorporated with multiple handy features meaning it is a versatile tool which gives the fact that all your data from your schedules to your real employee's clocked time can be derived unswervingly to payroll for online processing. Here is the lowdown on the features of our payroll system:

View, Define and Edit compensation details per hour for every employee - As a proprietor of a company, you can easily view, define and edit the compensation details of every employee in your office on an hourly basis. You can track down the details by taking help of the in-built searching tool, which helps you get the name of the destined employee as well as the range of existing compensation rate he/she falls within.

Demarcate Shift for each department and employee - By Default, a company's proprietor has the power to demarcate the shift for each department and employee. And this shift timing will be by default unless and until the proprietor assigns special timing to an employee individually.

Demarcate overtime rule - According to this feature, a proprietor can demarcate an overtime rule for a user. Incidentally, this aspect is not or otherwise limited to a certain department but for every employee of a department. By default, you can nullify the overtime rule for employees.

Define Payment Cycle date - With this SHIFT'S feature, a Business proprietor can easily demarcate a definite payment date for his/her employees.

View Payment status and change status. - Through this option, a proprietor can view employee's payment status and change or edit it if required.

System will calculate the payment due for each employee - In the instance payment of an employee is due, the tool will send an Alert Mail to Business Owner on time set by default. Payment will be done based on Shift daily / weekly / monthly basis for every employee.

All Payment will be done outside the System Boundary - Business owner will be having only one opportunity to change the payment status from DUE to PAID.

Set Employee Salary Per hour - A Business Owner depending on his/her preferences and/or needs can set the salary of the employees on an hourly basis. To ensure this, as a cardinal part of the process, the Business owner will firstly need to open the list of employees and set the salary on the said basis. Incidentally, he/she will be given two alternatives to choose from i.e. 'Define their payment per hour' or 'The salary payment is calculable in term of minutes'. According to this standard, the Business owner can set a minute to round off the hour. For example, if 30 minutes are set as a standard working duration and an employee exceeds the time limit by even a single minute i.e. 5 hours and 31 minutes then his/her working duration will be taken in as 6 hours in round off figure. On the other hand, it will be taken in as 5 hours if they worked less than the preset standard duration.


With our Shift module, you authorize your employees to see the changes in the Shift Schedule they are scheduled to work in. Any change in the shift schedule will be informed to the employees via real time text message and email ahead of time. The striking feature about SHIFT's Shift Schedule is that it enables employees to view the exact number of hours they have worked on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. What's more, employees are facilitated even to take a look at the past or due payment (if there is any). In the instance of a due payment, they can easily get in touch with their employer by hitting a certain button in the app and requesting him/her to release it. On the whole, SHIFT's Shift Schedule management for employees will have the following features:
Apprising of change in Shift Schedule via text messages and emails
Manage SHIFT's Apps with ease of use.