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Business Owner

If you have a vast staff and when it involves communication with every member, you cannot expect it to be straightforward and seamless unless and until a proper mechanism is installed to facilitate in all. For example -  Information regarding amendments in company’s working policy, recruitment of new members or a would-be conference to be taken place tomorrow etc. to the staff members at right on time seems to be challenging. Incidentally, with SHIFT’S innovative and real-time communication modules, getting in touch with your staff member is possible in just a single click! Our SHIFT’S communication module comprises a variety of effective communication modes such as Group Chat, Email and Text Message or SMS alert mechanisms in place to make sure everyone will get the information at right on time.

  1. Group Email/ Chat Service - Our Group Email/Chat service, which is a cardinal module of our SHIFT’S system, facilitates you to get or stay in touch with staff member via your desktop or cell phone anytime you want.

  2. Informing staff members about any special event via SMS, Push Notification and Email - In the instance there is some special event, for example birthday of an incumbent in the office, New Year celebration or any special fiesta going to be taken place in office then the system will mechanically send a universal message to every employee ahead of time via SMS, Push Notification and Email.

  3. View Past Chat Messages between any numbers of users – Viewing past communication in term of chat between Employee to Employee, Employee to Business Proprietor or Any Group chat initiated by Business Proprietor is feasible in a single click. 

  4. Define Messaging - Depending on the preferences and needs of a business owner, he/she can  set the working shift of the staff members during day, afternoon, evening or night. The would-be employees targeted for changes in shift need will be notified via push notification and it is free of cost. Any preset messages can be sent by the business owner, Admin entity or even employees. However, it exclusively depends on the discretion of the Admin entity or business owner if they want to send SMS or by default mail and push notification. When it involves Group chat, only business owner or Admin has the privilege to initiate it and yet employees can participate in it. The employees have limited privileges with reference to chatting. That means they can initiate only person-to-person chat and can only participate in a group chatting. As an admin entity, Business owner has the privilege to monitor and keep a journal of the chats done by every participant in the chat. 

Also, there will be one module where a business owner is privileged to deal with the predefined messages, programmed to be visible in chat application. These predefined messages are not savable and as soon as employee clicks OK button, they are subject to be deleted. A business owner or an admin entity based on his preference can send a push notification to the staff members to one department or people of a city or manually marked employee.

This app by SHIFTS also hosts an option of mail box integration and using the integrated tools viz IMap or Pop, they can fetch their mail server email into the app. Business owner and employee can download their mails into the app. Business owner and employees can download their mails into the application if required for the communication purpose.

Employees/Staff Members

As a staff member via our versatile SHIFT’S communication module getting in touch with other members of in your staff or higher officials is feasibly easy just with a single click! And here is how it is possible.

Start a one-to-one chat and view past chat history – Staff members can get in touch with every office incumbent but expressly in a one-to-one form. If required, there is also an interface clicking on which you can view the past chat history easily in a New York’s minute!

Mail Box Integration Through this handy feature, staff members can integrate a mail to the App. This function further enables you to get to all the past and recent emails. Users can create as many numbers of possible Emails and send them to the destined recipients. All the mails will get saved in the app and visible in Inbox and Sent Items.