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Over 250 Professionals Dedicated To Getting the Most Value Out Of Your Solution

ShiftApp Team is based on a global organization with strong corporate involvement in every implementation. Our teams work in unification around the world to provide local support backed with knowledge sharing and best practices that are shared form all industries in all geographies.

When you use ShiftApp services, you become a member of our professional family. Each implementation is backed by our full service team with the professionalism that we have been giving our customer.

4 Ways We Get It Right for You

Time And Attendance: With the SHIFTS apps, in fact, keeping track of attendance and routine activities of your workforce is feasible in a few easy steps with their specialty features mentioned and underlined as follows

Payroll System: We are proud to state that SHIFTS's online employee management app is thoroughly incorporated with multiple handy features meaning it is a versatile tool which gives the fact that all your data from your schedules to your real employee's clocked time can be derived unswervingly to payroll for online processing. Here is the lowdown on the features of our payroll system:

Communication: If you have a vast staff and when it involves communication with every member, you cannot expect it to be straightforward and seamless unless and until a proper mechanism is installed to facilitate in all. For example - Information regarding amendments in company's working policy, recruitment of new members or a would-be conference to be taken place tomorrow etc. to the staff members at right on time seems to be challenging. Incidentally, with SHIFT'S innovative and real-time communication modules, getting in touch with your staff member is possible in just a single click! Our SHIFT'S communication module comprises a variety of effective communication modes such as Group Chat, Email and Text Message or SMS alert mechanisms in place to make sure everyone will get the information at right on time.

Tracking And Task: Our Tracking and Task module is highly handy and sustainable for every business owner who typically assigns a variety of task to his/her employees and meanwhile is keen to track them so that he/she can be aware of what numbers and types of tasks they have assigned to their staff members. Mentioned below are the features of the module Tracking and Task explicitly for business owners: