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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Shifts?

Shifts  is the perfect online workforce management software solution for any business that needs to manage employees or volunteers. Here are some example industries where Shifts is already deployed: retail,restaurants, call centers , hotels, hospitals for Doctors andNurses, volunteers and more!

How much time will I save using Shifts?

Shifts online employee scheduling software is cutting employee scheduling and workforce management related tasks for businesses by up to 90%! To learn more about how Shifts is being put to work in various industries and saving businesses time visit our Customer Success Stories.

Will my employees like Shifts?

They’ll love it! In fact employees like us so much that they’re even recommending us to their managers! Employees love the ability to login whenever they want and check schedules, pick-up open shifts, make shifts trades, book vacation time and more.

Does Shifts work with other applications?

Shifts integrates seamlessly with tons of applications your business is already using. We integrate with apps like GoogleApps, Facebook, Google Calendar, iPhone and with our API the integration possibilities are endless!

Can I import/export my data?

Yes, whenever you want! We provide options for schedule and employee data import/export through .csv and .xls on our website, and with our API you have full access all of the data in our workforce management software at anytime.

How much does Shifts cost?

Shifts online employee scheduling software starts at just $33 a month and scales on demand to meet your business’s workforce management needs. Learn moreabout our flexible and affordable pricing and billing options.