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SHIFT'S intuitive and cutting-edge interface is literally the must have for every business owner and his/her staff members to help them work more ably and faster in a commercial office environment. For example, whether you are going to assign tasks to your staff members, recruiting a new employee into your office, or scheduling certain numbers of staff members to work in different shifts etc. and you as a business owner or employee wants to view or keep track of that, govern or want to do a still lot more, SHIFT'S app is just the ticket to that all!

SHIFT'S interface works in the following easy steps:

Users buy module according to the needs and preferences
Keeping users in mind, they can buy a specific module of the SHIFTS' interface according to their personal needs and preferences. For example, if a user has a shift scheduling, a payroll or some other module in their mind to facilitate the different tasks efficiently and faster in their office, they can easily buy a module depending on their personal needs and preferences.

Get sub-domain URL to individual company
When you register from our website, you will get a sub domain URL friendly to SHIFTS, virtually relevant to your website's name and theme. This URL supported with Login window and add-ons like Username and password, you can get access to the SHIFTS' different selected modules and use them according to your needs and preferences.

Manage company's work
Whether he/she is a business owner or a staff member, they both can manage the company's work efficiently and timely via this special, versatile SHIFTS's interface. You will be surprised to learn the variety of wonders this tool can do for you.

Sending SMS

Sending SMS to staff members on particular instances in an organized office is a down to earth idea. This is a great way for a business owner or an Admin entity to help their employees keep well informed about some potential yet important thing the Admin entities want to put across them in a flash. However to avail the features, it is a must for employees and business owners to sign up the website. Our Sending sms app covers this functionality and both business owners as well as the staff members can avail this facility to the fullest. However, our SMS plans vary from feature to feature therefore it basically depends on the preferences and needs of a business owner as if which type of plan they want to opt for. By the way, all inclusive features and functionalities of the app tool, which are available on website, will also be available on the user's cell phones.

The invitation to download App will be sent via SMS and Email. SMS to business owner will be sent via project. However, the invitation via SMS to employee will depend on the SMS plan purchased by the business owner.

Manage Employee Reward System

The concept about ' Employee Reward System ' is easy to understand. According to the system, every week/month whenever an employee makes a crowning achievement, he/she is entitled to be rewarded by the company for his/her special efforts they have made in favor of the company. Rewarding employees of an organization has been the order of the day over the past few years and with SHIFT'S tool based on managing the rewards given to employees is easier than you can imagine! Here is how, the system will work.

1. A business owner or management team can give an employee certain number of stars out of five depending on his/her performance and others standards set by the management.

2. Depending on the exclusive discretion of the Admin entity, the star rating given to an employee is subject to change any time.

3. An employee can easily view his/her personal rating as well as other employees' ratings in My Profile and their profile pages respectively but cannot change it at their ends.

4. For the rewarded employees, the star rating would be displayed next to his/her name and is viewable to all incumbents in the office.

Like and Unlike Employee

As with every other SHIFTS' module, this module based on 'Like and Unlike an Employee' is really very easy to learn and operate. This module is basically designed keeping a business owner or HOD (Head of Department) in mind and with said that, the authorized entity/ entities can like and unlike an employee depending on a variety of factors such as their working performance, demeanor towards other employees, and punctuality in the office etc. The scored number of likes/unlike is viewable to both BO or HOD and employees with comments written alongside. In the instance, an employee who has scored most number of likes in a month then seemingly, he/she will be rewarded with a title of respect according to the company's agenda.

Through this versatile tool, it is possible to keep a journal of the like/unlike pertaining to an employee on a regular basis. So whenever you like or unlike an employee, a Comment Box will always appear and asking you if you want to write comments about the employee's performance. And yes, you can save this data in database for current and future use. Anytime a BO wants to track the record of your employees liked or unlike by you in the past time, they can easily get at the old archive and descend into the details. These details will also delineate why BO or HOD liked or unlike an employee on one occasion.

Voting System

The concept of voting system keeping SHIFTS' voting tool in consideration is easy to learn, understand and operate. As with general voting system, employees cum voters have the right to make a choice between a variety of options given to them. Through this system, a business owner can easily come to know about the different views of different employees on one occasion about something they have been urged to give their personal preferences.
The following will be the features of SHIFTS' voting system:
1. Only Admin is privileged to Create, Read, Update and Delete (or CRUD) a voting given unanimously by different employees on one occasion.
2. From the available number of options, employees can select only one option on one occasion.
3. The preference made by an employee is completely unchangeable.
4. The results of the voting system will be visible to all only when the voting poll successfully ends.

Manage access to the modules for an employee

Getting and managing access to the SHIFTS' app is a piece of cake as well as friendly for a user particularly those with Admin rights. Since this interface is basically designed for the Business owner in order to enable him/her view the list of employees (with details) who have signed up this interface and are using it. This interface can be accessed via a PC or a high-tech mobile phone by a user.

So anytime, when a user, exclusively a business owner or Admin tries to access this application, as a basic part of the process, a Checkbox with a permission message to Read/Write will typically appear on the screen of their device or PC. In general, a Business Owner or Admin can get full access to the App's modules and its features whereas a subordinate person or an employee will have a limited access to the same. With said that, they can only read the content but cannot write or edit any content unless they are granted permission to do so.

CRUD Departments
With the SHIFTS' module based on CRUD departments, a business owner or anyone with Admin rights is privileged to Change, Read, Update or Delete a department depending on his/her personal preferences and/or needs. Particularly, when it comes to Create a Department name, it must be original and unique. Another salient point about the module is that an Admin entity at his/her sole discretion can grant full/limited access to a user to all/certain different pages of a department. That means, a business owner or those with admin power can get full access to the entire department pages and its contents whereas the employees with subordinate ranks will have limited access to that..