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Why SHIFTS' Time and Attendance System is a Perfect fit for Every Type and Size of Organization.

Time and attendance software

What time and attendance system is, is a probing question to many. And the answer is that Time And Attendance Systems is simply a versatile and one-of-a-kind security system, which helps a manager or the admin of an organization to collect and keep a journal of the attendance of the staff member on a daily basis accurately. Also, a number of vendors are, in fact, offering the systems for all sizes and types of businesses. One leading service provider of time attendance systems is SHIFTS, which has been at forefront of offering the system and other similar systems (FREE of cost for 14 days for 4 users!) for a long time with immaculate success.

While we are on the theme of SHIFTS’ Attendance Monitoring Systems , let us descend into the features in the following paragraphs:

Keeping your staff members clued-up

Keeping your staff members clued-up works very well in avoiding belatedness and inaccurate attendance. SHIFTS enables you to send messages and notifications to keep every person in your staff up to date on schedules and shifts.

Decidedly Insightful

Our time and attendance app is very hassle-free and effortless for managers and team members. The interface of our app is largely intuitive and easily understandable, even for people using resource management software at SHIFTS for the first time.

Exceptionally Accurate Data

SHIFTS’ time and attendance app lets you to effortlessly export exceptionally accurate attendance data whenever you are in need of it. It displays real-time attendance data to admin managers every time they access the app.

Automated Timesheet Creation

SHIFTS’ Time Clock offers neat and wonderful reporting options. All time and attendance data can be integrated into timesheets that are geared up for payroll.

Exceptionally Easy to Use

In fact, everything about Time and attendance app is incredibly instinctive and easy to use. You can understand the mechanism without the need of an experienced person.

Rationalize Timesheet Creation

Creating well-defined timesheets by SHIFTS is as easy as a walk in the park, as we remove the role of the middleman and gather attendance data for you mechanically. So while you use SHIFTS’ time and attendance tracking system, we are sure that your experience to use this one-of-a-kind tool will be doozy.

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