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Why Invest In The Shifts Employee Attendance System?

employee time & attendance system

Time is a vital resource that can never be renewed, once wasted. As a manager or business owner, you already understand the consequences of having employees who like to waste time. The type of time and employee attendance system you are currently using in your business can affect how you do business and how productive the business is, although some business owners do not know it. A business that uses manual or an outdated attendance and time management system are more likely to end up with unnecessary costs, employee dissatisfaction and inefficiencies in this area. Additionally, the increasing competition among various businesses has made it essential for businesses to invest in practical, highly effective and modern attendance management systems, such as Shifts. Regardless of the size of your business, you cannot afford to have errors and unnecessary costs in your payroll.  An automated attendance and time system is the way to go, if you are looking forward to saving both time and money. Mentioned here are some of the reasons you should invest in the best automated employee attendance system, like Shifts.

Minimizes Errors

If your employees are using a time and attendance system that is paper-based, they may occasionally forget to fill their information. This may result in errors, as the employees try to remember and fill the information they forgot to enter. For instance, employees can make errors as they try to remember the time they came to work the previous day, how long their lunch break was or at what time they left their workstations. Such a human error may result in you paying for more hours than the employees actually worked. Acquiring modern employee attendance software will help you avoid such errors and improve the efficiency of the employees. With Shifts software, you can rest assured that the data entry and calculations, regarding the payroll, are always accurate.

Enhances Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Getting rid of the paper-based system and replacing it with an automated employee attendance system will allow the employees more time to focus on their work, rather than spend valuable time filling the paperwork. Additionally, the automated system will give the manager, easy time while analyzing the data. This is because the system will provide valuable, correct and up-to date labor data for the period under review. With such high quality and accurate data, the manager can easily correct any productivity issues, among the employees, as they arise. With automated time-tracking software in your business, will also enable you to complete payroll processes in time and make timely payments. This will, in turn, enhance employee satisfaction and even boost their morale in the job.

Saves You Money

With an attendance tracking system that is based on technology, you can be sure that you are only paying for the actual hours worked by the employees. This may be attributed to the highly efficient and accurate data provided by such attendance management systems, especially when coupled with biometric devices. As such, the business will save on unnecessary costs associated with manual time and attendance management systems.

If you are still using a manual, paper-based or an outdated employee attendance system in your business, you should consider upgrading to the Shifts attendance management software.

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