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Top 5 Technology Trends for Employee Time and Attendance tracking

Employee Time and Attendance tracking

Which key things to count on when you need to choose employee time and attendance? Which trends are redefining the entire industry? We look! Please read on, and for any suggestion, and necessarily advice, which you think can improve the article, we request you to comment below.

Some businesses still stoop to use outdated time and attendance software that lack on many fronts. As a result, these companies stay at the risk of costly data entry errors, incidents of employee overpayments, loss of administrative and managerial time.

Therefore, here are some reasons you should invest in a new attendance monitoring system

  • Improving productivity
  • Enhancing workflow
  • Channelizing processes
  • Accelerating employee accountability
Please find below some of the trends that are redefining the entire concept of employee time and attendance tracking system. These standalone developments can dramatically improve the company productivity.
  • Automated time tracking
  • Wifi enabled time clock
  • Tablet kiosk application
  • Mobile time sheet

Automated Time Tracking

Automated time tracking can offer real-time access to data, offers employees an advanced, user-friendly way to replace outdated methods. This method offers employee dashboard, flexible punch methods, including the scope to key in using mobile devices.


WiFi-Enabled Time Clock

Wi-Fi enabled technology that power attendance clock can support good number of employees. The solution enables uses biometric technology; which helps improve time punching accuracy. Promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Tablet Kiosk App

Some businesses are opting for tablet kiosk application - which lets employees easily punch in and punch out using mobile and hand-held devices such Apple devices. This device and system can enhance employee productivity and improve the overall organizational efficiency!


Biometric App

Biometric app let employee to confirm work schedule, review time cards, and request time off.
Some version of the biometric app which provide real-time data and effective monitoring can help employees scan job listings. Finger print sensor eliminates the requirement of doing any misconduct.


Mobile Time Sheet

Gone are the days when employees need to manually enter their time sheet. Today with the advancement of technology it has become factually simple and uncomplicated for organizations to narrow down on authentic set of data. With the help of mobile sheet; the entire job of pay roll processing tend to be simple.
These are just some of the most important features that are making the entire industry of time and attendance monitoring holistic and simple. The entire process of managing time and attendance is not simple and it requires well defined principles and high end processes within a software to pinpoint on the things that matter and then integrating the changes into the system for effective monitoring of time and attendance of employees.
Always count on the perfection of a software that can cater to your organizational needs, When the market is populated with so many software that assure you high quality services and solution, SHIFTS offers truly unrivaled set of benefits that can actually boost your organizational productivity.

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