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SHIFTS’ time and attendance system software - The automated solution for tracking all your workforce information

Time and Attendance Systems

Workers represent the most valuable resources and the most manageable expenses of your business. Many companies rely on manual, semi-automated or different systems to track their employees' Time And Attendance System Software . How should your organization consistently track, manage, and control employees' time and attendance data without an automated system?


Managers are notified of real-time e-mail and SMS via information that requires immediate action, such as overtime for an employee. With reporting functions we at SHIFTS offer, you can monitor the working times of your employees by converting detailed time and attendance data into high-quality information. This enables managers to resolve instant decisions, such as the adjustment of the staffing, which could have an impact on the payroll.


Maintain the compliance by verifiable accuracy

Our centralized policy management supports you in the precise and consistent implementation of complex compliance requirements. A complete checklist also ensures this implementation.


Rely on our configurable control module

The Time And Attendance System Software we at SHIFTS offer all the way automation and implementation of complex work and accounting rules. Automation is the key factor in the avoidance of costly wage and salary costs.


Accurate cost-of-labor calculation and less unscheduled wage and salary payments

In many cases, employees work in several places, often in different departments. Managers need insight into the overall deployment plans of these employees - but they must also have the opportunity to approve only those hours spent for their department. "Multiple Approvals" provide this functionality for managers of any industry in which this situation occurs.


Reduce errors in payroll accounting and working time recording by automation.

SHIFTS’ workforce management solution reduces invoicing and costly overtime and increases staff productivity by reducing manual and administrative tasks and freeing your employees for more value-added activities.


Contact us at SHIFTS to get the best workforce management solution for all sizes and types of business.

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