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Benefits of Shifts in Employee Scheduling For Restaurants

employee scheduling software free

A while ago, employee scheduling for restaurants implied hours of having to sort through the submitted time-off requests, field the many inquiries and analyze all the availability lists in the business. Additionally, the person working on the schedule had to frantically rework on the schedule, in a bid to cover a missed shifts. The truth is that manual employee scheduling was a headache for the person working on the same. However, this task has been made easier by the leading scheduling software, such as the Shifts software. Restaurant workers work on varying shifts, which includes both the slow and the busy days. As opposed to other types of businesses, restaurants open at varying times and will require the workers to perform different tasks at different times. This implies that you have to come up with varying schedules for the different employees. For instance, the bartenders’ schedule cannot be similar to that of the prep cook. In addition to making your scheduling work easier, Shifts has an array of features to ensure that the work is done accurately and effectively. Here is how the software can help you.

Saves Time and Makes Management Easier

With shifts software in place within your restaurant business, you should expect nothing less of easy scheduling as well as management work.  With this software, you can make your scheduling work quick and fast as well as highly accurate. Additionally, the accurate scheduling will ensure that you have an adequate number of workers at any given time. This way, you will improve the level of customer service in the business. Any restaurant manager will tell you that having good software that helps you with employee scheduling for restaurants and makes communications better is an essence for you to run the business efficiently.

Helps You Reach Employees and Build Schedules around Their Preferences

Communication is essential in the running of any business today. Shifts message allows you to communicate efficiently with your employees at any time of the day or night. This is achieved through the SMS communications feature of the software. While many restaurant owners and managers love his software for its ability to automate the scheduling process, others like it for the ability to customize schedules around employee preferences. As such the software is capable of reducing the turnover in your business. As you already know, the number of employees a restaurant requires in a single day varies from one day to the other. As such, using paper scheduler and excel spreadsheets to predict the number of employees you will require on a particular day can lead to an error. Shifts software is the ultimate solution, with regards to accurate schedules that are tailored around the employees’ preferences.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits of Shifts software in a restaurant environment, the software is easy to learn and operate, even for the beginners. With this software in your restaurant, you will need less time to schedule and even manage your staffs. Again, you will be in  a position to produce accurate reports that are well detailed with the software.

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